Spring 2022


a computer rendering of a DNA strand in bright blue

Does the idea of genetic engineering make you feel hopeful about the future or queasy about where it’s headed? When you

a woman in red pants holds a poster of hematite textures that look a little like clouds in front of a mountain range covered in snow.

The machine hisses like a bike tube deflating. “First we need to let the air out,” says Fen-Ann Shen, adjusting a

amidst towering big trees, a man stands in the distance measuring the diameter or one

For most of summer 2020, Bella Wetzler ’23 and others from the Lutz research team worked and camped in relative

a woman with long blonde hair and tan shirt and sweater stands in front of a black board with physics equations written in chalk. She has a knowing smile.

Theoretical physicist Lara Anderson ’03, M.S. ’04 is flying. Her mind and ballpoint pen are moving at what seem to

The words: Thriving on Trust surrounded by freeze dried food samples including mushrooms, cheese, confetti cake bites, shrimp, and strawberries

It seems every startup story begins in someone’s garage. Thrive Foods is no different. Before the freeze-dried food empire had products

close-up of a row of yellow and black wasps. behind them is a row of metallic blue wasps on pins.

Winding through a labyrinth of hallways in the basement of the Biology and Natural Resources building, the Utah State University