Spring 2021


a black and white image of a 52 year old man smiling and wearing glasses. He has a long wispy white beard

Rhino was truly a hamster ahead of his time. A primary character in the 2008 animated film Bolt, Rhino found himself

a person holds a basketball in the middle of the court of the USU Spectrum. His face is obscured by a Photoshopped head of Head basketball coach Craig Smith. The writing across the photo is a tweet saying "Dearest Mother — From the high plains in Wyoming to the warm Pacific shores— From sun-drenched deserts to the potato fields of the north— An Aggie banner waves above all lands of the western mountains. And it is all governed by Sam Merrill. — Craig"

Dearest Mother — Ideally, every time one clicked on a fresh tweet from @CaptCraigSmith, the latest dispatch written as if

an illustration showing how memes can spread disinformation. It begins with one person generating the meme and sending it to another person. It frightens her and she shares it with another person who sees it and shares it and then the meme shows up on someone else's screen which shocks them and then they share it to another person.

A meme, for the uninitiated, is not just a cat joke on the internet. A meme is an idea or