Man standing next to the UNGA sign in New York

In September, as the United States Youth Observer to the United Nations, I attended the UN General Assembly, also known as the Super Bowl of diplomacy. My role was to take young people behind the scenes at events like the

Illustration of a modified pain scale used in hospitals featuring faces with band-aids covering their mouths.

Imagine you are in the emergency room with your child. Inside, you are feeling the natural anxiety parents feel when they know their child is suffering. Now imagine that your child has chronic health care needs. And that she is unable

Group photo of USU engineers and villagers

In the hills of Central Mexico’s Guanajuato state, cacti and rocky terrain dominate the arid landscape. It’s here in the tiny village of La Salitrera where a group of Utah State University students arrive with big green duffel bags stuffed with

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the Great Salt Lake at dusk with the Spiral Jetty

The famous earthwork, Spiral Jetty, by Robert Smithson, was built in 1970. At the time, it was partially submerged by the Great Salt Lake. Today the distinct land art occupies a dry lake bed, a reference point of how much the largest saline lake in the Western Hemisphere has receded

newly renovated LAEP house

Landscape architecture is more than deciding which plants to use when designing a garden. A lot more. The discipline examines how humans shape the natural environment and how the built environment affects the humans moving through a space. Before a shovel of dirt is turned at a construction site, a