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By Andrea DeHaan While most national and international feature stories about Greg Carr focus on his connections with Harvard and Boston as well as his extensive philanthropic efforts in the African nation of Mozambique, the Utah State University graduate still spends much of his time in his quiet hometown of Idaho

Sabau brings a wealth of experience from leadership positions with the Big Ten conference and The Ohio State University By Jeff Hunter '96 Creating a sports strategy is nothing new for Utah State Director of Athletics Diana Sabau. In the yearbook from her senior year at Kenmore East High School in Tonawanda, New

USU assistant professor Andy Harris hopes to shed light on key factors that contribute to our sense of social responsibility By Logan Jones '18 What drives a high school student, immersed in the tumultuous and often overwhelming world of adolescence, to spend their weekends volunteering at a food bank? Why are some teens

Handling more than 1,000 annual events is no easy task, but USU's Event Services team has created a one-stop-shop By Timothy R. Olsen '09, '18 It’s 6 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 7, the start of a beautiful fall morning in Cache Valley, though the sun is still 90 minutes from rising over

Many veterans are thriving at USU and so is the Veterans Resource Office under new director Andy Allen By Jeff Hunter '96 Being 7,000 miles away from home in a combat zone on Christmas isn’t easy. So, in a sincere gesture to provide a little holiday downtime for the enlisted men in

Charlie Crisafulli was a 22-year-old undergraduate student at USU when he began conducting research at Mount St. Helens just months after the May 1980 eruption By Jeff Hunter '96 Calling it love at first sight might be a little strong, but Charlie Crisafulli’s inaugural view of Mount St. Helens was certainly one

Raised in tiny Filmore, Utah, Newell became an influential author, artist, and advocate By Timothy R. Olsen '09, '18 M.B.A. Linda King Newell, an influential historian, author, and advocate — arguably best known for co-authoring the groundbreaking book “Mormon Enigma: Emma Hale Smith” — left an indelible mark on the world. Her

With ballooning populations, wild horses and burros are teetering on the edge of crisis By Lael Gilbert Perhaps you were in a movie theater in the late 1970s, as a sunburnt boy used his pocket knife to cut through a tangle of rope binding a jet-black stallion on an abandoned beach. You might

San Juan County Extension agent Reagan Wytsalucy is working to restore native peaches to the landscape By Kristen Munson According to Navajo, or Diné, belief, Southwest peaches were tended by the Anasazi and given to native people. For centuries, the peaches were a food source for the tribe until the trees were

USU's 17th president is excited to tackle the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century By Jeff Hunter '96 Elizabeth Cantwell has a passion for higher education that harkens back to her childhood. The daughter of a geophysics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cantwell was attending a college prep high school