fork and knife on a dinner table

Recipes are more than a list of ingredients and steps, recipes tell a story of how to make a heart and belly full. In February, while chatting with my boss, Tim Vitale ’89, about a menu for a dinner party he

kolaches in a tray

“A loving word is even better than a sweet kolache.”  – Czech Proverb The iconic Czech pastry known as kolaches is a delicacy made with a supple, raised sweet dough and filled with any number of traditional fillings, including cottage cheese 

man looking at an apple tree

The Graft When people are grafted into a new family, they often compare upbringings and personalities to see how they measure up. I revere my father-in-law, J. Craig Hale ’70 (1946 – 2016). The former C.I.A. officer bests me in every

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buffet of breads and meats

From the kitchen of Dennis Wright ‘70 Ingredients 1 pound country sausage 5 cups water 1 teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon sage (optional) 2 cups cornmeal (bulk recommended) cooking oil spray Directions FRY the sausage until browned. Drain excess grease and set aside. COMBINE water, salt, pepper, and sage in a four quart pan and bring to a boil.

four star anise on a table

From the kitchen of Mary Orme ‘77 While I was a student at USU, I had a roommate Lucy Chen from Taiwan. She would cook us a traditional Chinese meal once a week. I learned many of them. She gave me a copy of her favorite cookbook which is written in