Poet Shanan Ballam stands against a tree and looks out into the distance.

As a graduate student, poet Shanan Ballam '97, MS '00 found herself staring at a blank page. She wanted to express her regrets and the growth arising from sinkholes in her life: the shadow cast by an angry, alcoholic father, a

a young woman smiles while standing in front of the U.S. capitol building

When Yana Bogoev went to Washington D.C. last August as an intern for U.S. Representative Ben McAdams, of Utah, she knew it would be memorable. It turned historical. After Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Sept. 24 that the House would begin a

Scrabble tiles spelling out the world support.

“My life went sideways and never really got back on track.” At least, that's how it felt for Lisa after she left a bad marriage and needed to raise her young daughter on her own. (Lisa has asked that her last

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a close up photo of a gray wolf

Shanan Ballam's latest poetry collection gives an unlikely character a voice. Within Inside the Animal: The Collected Red Riding Hood Poems, the Wolf is a reimagined figure. No longer just a violent creature from the archives. He is given the complexity of humanity. But more importantly, Ballam, Logan's Poet Laureate, has found

a family of four children and a husband and wife stand in a field together

Medical school nearly broke Kyle Bradford Jones. Throughout his residency training, Jones ‘05 was caught between the conflicting pressures modern medicine espouses: be fast but thorough with patient exams, prescribe tests but not overly so, be compassionate but work 30 hour shifts without sleep, and most importantly, beat death—an impossible goal.