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College students are a relatively unstudied population when it comes to hunger issues, and yet, they are among the most likely populations to experience food insecurity in the United States. Rates vary between institutions, but estimates suggest between 25 to 50

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Toxins are everywhere, said Jennifer Peeples in the 44th annual Honors Program Last Lecture on Sept. 25. More than we are even capable of imagining, she said in her presentation, “Picture Your Poison.” Much, much more. Peeples, professor of communication studies,

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The Quad has been home to farmer encampments, military exercises, farm and orchard experiments, and even a tree nursery. It has seen cow-milking competitions and ice sculpture contests. It made possible the first football game played against the University of Utah,

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When discussing the travel he had to do for a previous job, Ben Kolendar doesn’t sound that different from any other business traveler who might rack up frequent-flier miles while regularly jetting off to L.A. or Chicago. Making 27 business trips in four years isn’t really that unusual. Then Kolendar notes

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In May, Aggies Elevated’s Class of 2019 graduated with two-year certificates and brilliant career prospects. Of the three AE classes that graduated before them, 100 percent are now employed either full or part-time. For perspective, the national employment rate for people with disabilities is currently 19 percent, compared to 70 percent