a woman scientist looks through a microscope overlayed with an image of the grand canyon

When was the last time you bent down and studied dust? Often, we notice dust the moments before unceremoniously wiping it from our windowsills. Dust, to the bare eye is tiny, nearly weightless, and seemingly insignificant. Unless of course, those

the Milky Way unfolds above a night time desert scene

Utah is famous for its wild spaces. In 2019, tourists spent more than $10 billion in the state, with travelers seeking adventure in Utah’s vast park system among its highest spenders. But the state is also rich with darkness—a shrinking

a male ballerina wears a cloth mask in class during the covid-19 pandemic

It is safe to say that this pandemic pauses our regularly scheduled lives. We find ourselves significantly cut off from experiencing art. Empty stages, dark theaters, vacant art galleries, closed classes. But imagine having pandemic-like restrictions placed upon you just


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an image of a family of five in black and white taken during August 1941

In the midst of conducting an interview with Russell M. Nelson for their recently published book Fathers of the Prophets: From Joseph Smith Jr. to Russell M. Nelson, authors Emily Madsen Jones and Rebecca Madsen Thornton were surprised to find that the tables had suddenly been turned.  Rather than learning more

two cups of tomato soup in white bowls

Paul Conway ‘72 considers cooking an essential life skill. The Kansas farmer first learned to cook in a pinch when his wife, a nurse, returned home after 12-hour shifts and was too tired to make dinner. Through trial and error, not only did Conway learn to perfect recipes like pasta