a man sits in an empty theater. he is wearing a fake mustache and amused expression

TJ Davis ’04 admits there are times during the process of writing new songs and humorous dialogue for a new theater production that part of his “workday” might include watching old Saturday Night Live sketches or clips on YouTube. Or maybe

an old timey plague doctor holds a selfie stick with an old fashioned camera on the end and says Gotta put this on TikTok

Medicine is not considered a bastion of comedy. Many doctors work in high-stress, high-stakes environments where patient health is at risk. Where is the humor in that? Lisa Gabbert, associate professor of English at Utah State University, argues the emotional suffering

a collage of illustrated presents, a notebook, two phones with text messages, a succulent, and a cartoon dinosaur atop a building

We asked, you answered: What’s the best prank you remember at Utah State University? While sifting through submissions we couldn’t help but notice some common themes emerge. For instance, Aggies like moving heavy things where they ought not to be—like dinosaur


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an image of a family of five in black and white taken during August 1941

In the midst of conducting an interview with Russell M. Nelson for their recently published book Fathers of the Prophets: From Joseph Smith Jr. to Russell M. Nelson, authors Emily Madsen Jones and Rebecca Madsen Thornton were surprised to find that the tables had suddenly been turned.  Rather than learning more

two cups of tomato soup in white bowls

Paul Conway ‘72 considers cooking an essential life skill. The Kansas farmer first learned to cook in a pinch when his wife, a nurse, returned home after 12-hour shifts and was too tired to make dinner. Through trial and error, not only did Conway learn to perfect recipes like pasta