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A black and white image from 1942 of a wooden Paul Bunyan statue atop a ladder. A group of men is using a firehose to keep people away while they figure out how to get Bunyan down.

Pranks, when done well, can be memorable, funny, and even unifying—particularly against a common adversary like Brigham Young University. A good prank requires ingenuity and a good dose of verve. Utah State University Aggies know a thing or two about that. USU archivist Robert Parson recently reflected on campus pranks that

a black and white image of a USU student helping a child with special needs bowl

In 1970, with much of the Utah State University campus community involved in the Vietnam War – whether actively deployed or protesting at home – students in Logan needed something unifying to put their energy toward. The result was the Volunteer Organization for Involvement in the Community and Environment (VOICE). Now,

Joyce Kinkead stands on Old Main hill overlooking the snow covered peaks of the valley

In 1982, when Utah State University reached out to me to apply for a faculty position directing the writing center in the English department, my answer was, “I’m not interested,” but Bill Smith, the director of the composition program, was convincing. “Just send us your CV,” he said. Later, when he

two women assembling mortars during WWI in Hartford, CT.

Are you Doing Your Share?” the Logan Republican newspaper asked women, following that call with an article in May 1918 celebrating the “Fighting Sisters of Fighting Men.” Through calls such as these, women joined the First World War effort—in war relief, entertainment, heavy industry, medical services, and offices. Most of these women