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A drone view of three south campus residence halls at Utah State University's Logan campus that are being demolished.

Originally built as women-only dorms, the removal of the three south-campus buildings signals the, 'End of an era.' By Jeff Hunter '96 When driving past the south side of the Utah State University campus with her family in the car, Michelle Hoggan routinely pointed out the location of her first-ever apartment in

A photo illustration of recent graduate Darcy Ritchie sitting down with a peach and white background comprised of education-related doodles.

By Darcy Ritchie During my second semester at USU, I sat in the second row of my Media Smarts class. We usually spent the first few minutes of class discussing that day’s news, and headlines about a new virus were pretty low in all the email newsletters I had skimmed that

a close up of a barber's table featuring an electric buzzer and shaving brush

The Utah State Agricultural College Bulletin published in September 1954 focused its entire 20 pages on the notable amenities of the nearly new Student Union building, which combined services and shops previously found throughout the campus into one central facility. Now known as the Glen L. Taggart Student Center, the

a black and white image of a van with Utah State University written on the side with a small cluster of professors heading to a small aircraft in the background

For decades, Utah State University professors climbed aboard small aircraft in Logan to hop over 13,000-foot peaks to teach in the Uintah Basin and return the same night, landing long after the valley was asleep. The effort was “not for the faint of heart” retired USU English professor Glenn Wilde recalled