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Master gardeners help feed Utah’s hungry A decade ago, Katie Wagner planted some proverbial seeds when she rebooted a program connecting an unlikely web of people in Salt Lake County: inmates and master gardeners. In 2016, the Utah State University Extension agent added seniors to the coterie. Because what if hungry

To the “noble and unselfish women of our State, who never faltered when discouragements were plentiful, and whose names are immortalized by the unqualified success of their efforts.”—Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon, Suffragist, Physician, and Utah State Senator It was just a single sentence, only twenty-eight words long, but nearly one hundred

Sometimes cities fail. Sometimes entire societies do. Joseph Tainter knows this well. In 1988, the anthropologist published The Collapse of Complex Societies. While writing the book it became evident to him that the stories of ancient societies have modern implications—particularly in terms of sustainability. Consider Cahokia, an ancient city located on

Shanan Ballam's latest poetry collection gives an unlikely character a voice. Within Inside the Animal: The Collected Red Riding Hood Poems, the Wolf is a reimagined figure. No longer just a violent creature from the archives. He is given the complexity of humanity. But more importantly, Ballam, Logan's Poet Laureate, has found