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When discussing the travel he had to do for a previous job, Ben Kolendar doesn’t sound that different from any other business traveler who might rack up frequent-flier miles while regularly jetting off to L.A. or Chicago. Making 27 business trips in four years isn’t really that unusual. Then Kolendar notes

In May, Aggies Elevated’s Class of 2019 graduated with two-year certificates and brilliant career prospects. Of the three AE classes that graduated before them, 100 percent are now employed either full or part-time. For perspective, the national employment rate for people with disabilities is currently 19 percent, compared to 70 percent

Selected excerpts from Building Value to Last: Four attributes Crystal Maggelet says helped her pursue new business ventures.  I have lived a life with a theme that was more about taking opportunities along the way then having goals and a direct path to get me there. The following attributes gave me the

[caption id="attachment_4715" align="alignnone" width="934"] Al Trujillo[/caption] I have lived through 64 D-Days, but not until recently have come to really appreciate its significance. My father served in the Navy during World War II, and yet I could not tell you a thing about what he did and how he felt. He