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In May, Aggies Elevated’s Class of 2019 graduated with two-year certificates and brilliant career prospects. Of the three AE classes that graduated before them, 100 percent are now employed either full or part-time. For perspective, the national employment rate for people with disabilities is currently 19 percent, compared to 70 percent

Selected excerpts from Building Value to Last: Four attributes Crystal Maggelet says helped her pursue new business ventures.  I have lived a life with a theme that was more about taking opportunities along the way then having goals and a direct path to get me there. The following attributes gave me the

[caption id="attachment_4715" align="alignnone" width="934"] Al Trujillo[/caption] I have lived through 64 D-Days, but not until recently have come to really appreciate its significance. My father served in the Navy during World War II, and yet I could not tell you a thing about what he did and how he felt. He

    From the USU Junction Kitchen of Steven Wright, head baker Ingredients Sponge – Kg Bread Flour – 0.067 Water – 0.041 Yeast, instant dry – pinch Final Dough – Kg Bread flour – 0.386 Honey – 0.046 Salt – 0.009 Oil – 0.023 Yeast, instant dry – 0.007 Water, 60-65 degrees F –0.220 Sponge – 0.108 Directions The day before: MIX the sponge ingredients in a bowl,