Spring 2020


illustration of a hummingbird in a repeated pattern

Marissa Devey is a child of the suburbs. A place where sidewalks cordon off neatly trimmed grass and flowerbeds are

Smoke billows out of a factory at sunset.

Perception matters. It affects how we interact with the world and what we view as threats. It can turn a seemingly

hockey player Chris Cutshall looks wistfully at the ice after his last game.

Twenty-one years of hard work have led to this. That’s what senior Chris “Cudi”Cutshall kept telling himself. The normally packed barn

illustrations of a surgical mask, stethoscope, gloves, and syringe

“Get involved with science. Be an art exhibit. Become part of a tree. Some options for you to think about.

Jim Mattis smiles. He is wearing a suit and yellow tie.

Jim Mattis doesn’t flinch. Not when Indonesian special forces untied bags of snakes during a 2018 demonstration and then bit