Winter 2019


A little boy sits in the vestibular chair awaiting testing.

It’s mid-morning at the recently opened Sorenson Legacy Foundation Center of Clinical Excellence on the Utah State University campus. Just outside

Gavel sitting on a desk

Brent Hill ‘73 was first appointed to the Idaho state senate on Christmas eve in 2001 and has served as president pro tem

Art work by Kolbie Blume featuring words by President Obama: Ordinary people, when working together, can do extraordinary things.

Letters hold power. Sheets of paper often no thicker than a fallen maple leaf filled with words typed in neat

A Kuchi boy rides a camel through rural Afghanistan.

[caption id="attachment_3827" align="alignright" width="3456"] The Kuchi are nomadic herders in Afghanistan who rely on strong relationships with villagers along traditional

Illustration of goats jumping over strands of DNA.

The sheep and goats at Utah State University’s Animal Science Farm don’t look extraordinary, and the barns and pastures where

three fbi agents standing on the steps to the Idaho State Capitol Building

Drew McCandless was sitting in the audience enjoying his daughter’s concert at a school in the Boise area on the