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Shelf Life: Fall 2022

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People who are overly perfectionistic do not see perfectionism as a problem; most likely, they see perfectionism as an attribute.

Like most attributes, there are times they help us and times they hold us back. Look at the outcomes of perfectionism and see if there are parts of it that could use a little adjustment. Are you late on lots of things? Do you worry about things long before you need to? Do you judge others for the way they do things? If so, it might be worth looking at how you interact with your perfectionism.

— Mike Twohig, professor of psychology and co-author of The Anxious Perfectionist: How to Manage Perfectionism-Driven Anxiety Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Faculty books

The Anxious Perfectionist: How to Manage Perfectionism- Driven Anxiety Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
By Clarissa W. Ong and Michael P. Twohig
New Harbinger Publications
March 2022

Young Subjects: Children, State-Building, and Social Reform in the 18th-Century French World
By Julia M. Gossard
McGill-Queen’s University Press
March 2021

Catholic Social Networks in Early Modern England: Gender, Kinship, and Coexistence
By Susan M. Cogan
Amsterdam University Press
June 2021

Navajo Women of Monument Valley: Preservers of the Past
By Robert S. McPherson
University of Colorado Press
July 2021

Alumni books

An Abundance of Curiosities: The Natural History of North Carolina’s Coastal Plain
By Eric G. Bolen M.S. ’62, Ph.D. ’67 and James F. Parnel
University of Georgia Press
June 1, 2022

Preparing the Way
By Barry A. Baker ‘66
Archway Publishing
September 2021

For The Love of Nature
By Martin Dodge M.S. ’72
March 2021

Forensic Forestry: A Guidebook for Foresters on the Witness Stand
By Robert P. Latham ‘62
CRC Press
August 2021

Discoveries: Essential Truths for Relationships
By H. Wallace Goddard ‘90
Walnut Springs Press
July 2021

The Mystery of Luci’s Missing Lantern
By Melissa C. Marsted (Author), Liesl Cannon’15 (Illustrator)
Lucky Penny Publications
March 2021

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