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Shelf Life: Spring 2023

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“For over 30 years Miller has been driven to photograph the United States’ space program in an artistic and scientific approach to storytelling. He has traveled throughout the USA to photograph launches, landings, and related structures to introduce his personal exploration of NASA’s history and to transform science into art. Roland Miller’s energy, experience and decisive vision has provided a unique insight for the public’s understanding of the space program.” – By Denis Defibaugh, foreward of Orbital Planes: A Personal VIsion of the Space Shuttle Program


INVINCIBILIS: A William Occam Mystery

By Michael Harmon ‘63

KDP Publishing

September 2022

Black Joe and Other Selected Stories

By Rod Miller ‘75

Five Star Publishing

January 2023

Cheer Coaching 101: Breaking the Mold and Striving for Optimum Results

By Nicole Lyons ‘08

June 2021

Independently published

Father Unto Many Sons

By Rod Miller ‘75

Speaking Volumes

April 2022

Delicious Gatherings: Recipes to Celebrate Together

By Tara Bench ‘00 (aka Tara Teaspoon)

Shadow Mountain

September 2022

The Space Shuttle: A Mission-by-Mission Celebration of NASA’s Extraordinary Spaceflight Program

By Roland Miller ‘80, MFA ‘83


October 2022

It’s Okay to Ask: A Book About Disabilities

By Abigail Isaac, Illustrated by Emeline Humphries

Mascot Kids

January 2023

Orbital Planes: A Personal Vision of the Space Shuttle

By Roland Miller ‘80, MFA ‘83

Damiani Editore

March 2022


Environmental Compliance Handbooks: Land, Air, Water, and Sustainability and Future Environmental Regulations

By Daniel T. Rogers

CRC Press/Routledge

November 2022

Creole Soul: Zydeco Lives 

By Burt Feintuch, Jeannie Banks Thomas, Gary Samson

University Press of Mississippi

November 2022

One People One Planet: 6 Universal Truths for Being Happy Together 

By Michael J. Glauser

Lioncrest Publishing

June 2022

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