Fall 2021


a woman with a brown bob sits on a bench in a black dress with flowers. She balances a notebook and pen on her lap.

Driving south on Main Street in Logan, I passed the industrial tool supply store. There, perched above the commercial hubbub,

a woman in a windblown green dress and sweater leans against a Joshua tree in the desert. The sky is a pale pink color.

One legend about Joshua trees is that their upright limbs beckoned Mormon pioneers westward to a promised land. With their

two women sit in an office smiling while talking to another woman across a table. The two women are of African descent and wearing head scarves. A pile of paperwork sits on the desk.

In the early days of the Cache Refugee and Immigrant Connection (CRIC), Nelda Ault-Dyslin ‘05 and the other founding members

retired Idaho senate pro tempore Brent Hill stands in a blue suit with a red striped tie in front of the Utah State Capitol

Brent Hill ’73 of the National Institute for Civil Discourse weighs in. While serving as senate president pro tempore of the

a man with black hair and a pale blue button up shirt stands outside holding a cane.

Sachin Pavithran knows he is fortunate. Growing up in Dubai, Pavithran, Ph.D, ‘12, did not know anyone else with a

a woman with black hair grins while holding a melting milkshake and eating it with a spoon. the drips fall down her hands. she stands in front of a drive in.

Folklorists explore elements of everyday culture. The music. The stories we share. The traditions we celebrate. But what is more everyday