Summer 2022


a student sits with her laptop open as a blur of students walk by her

When you were in college, did you go to a football game? Live on campus in a residence hall? How

a woman with red hair and blue eyes smiles with her mouth closed. She has a butterfly necklace and shirt that reads "Choose Your" with arrows pointing in different directions

If academia is a freeway, people might exit before their destination for any number of reasons. Some might seem small

a woman sits on a slide on an empty playground. Her face is serious. An eerie red glow is on her hair.

Diana Meter doesn’t like to talk about it, but she has first-hand experience with bullying. “People say that you shouldn’t be

Juan Vilalba stands in a bright green field with snow capped peaks in the background. Cattle graze behind him.

There’s something utterly bewitching about the sound of steak dropping onto a hot, oiled skillet. Or maybe it’s the umami

Ultrarunner Michael McKnight with white sunglasses sits on a rock with his dog. Behind him are images of the same man running behind him to give the effect of motion

We’ve all been there. In the middle of a long drive, broadsided by that feeling of dread when you read

watercolor inkblots in orange, pink, blue and green with text: Making Sense of Youth Anxiety

Two reports released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this spring confirmed what many parents around the country