Summer 2022


a student sits with her laptop open as a blur of students walk by her

When you were in college, did you go to a football game? Live on campus in a residence hall? How

a woman with red hair and blue eyes smiles with her mouth closed. She has a butterfly necklace and shirt that reads "Choose Your" with arrows pointing in different directions

If academia is a freeway, people might exit before their destination for any number of reasons. Some might seem small

a woman sits on a slide on an empty playground. Her face is serious. An eerie red glow is on her hair.

Diana Meter doesn’t like to talk about it, but she has first-hand experience with bullying. “People say that you shouldn’t be

Juan Vilalba stands in a bright green field with snow capped peaks in the background. Cattle graze behind him.

There’s something utterly bewitching about the sound of steak dropping onto a hot, oiled skillet. Or maybe it’s the umami

watercolor inkblots in orange, pink, blue and green with text: Making Sense of Youth Anxiety

Two reports released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this spring confirmed what many parents around the country

Ultrarunner Michael McKnight with white sunglasses sits on a rock with his dog. Behind him are images of the same man running behind him to give the effect of motion

We’ve all been there. In the middle of a long drive, broadsided by that feeling of dread when you read