Winter 2022


a woman with red hair and blue eyes holds a pair of hawk wings. She is leaning against a fence. She has a solemn look on her face.

Sunni Brown Wilkinson’s poetry collection The Ache and The Wing was born from loss. Her son, Jude, was born stillborn just before his due date.

a kaleidoscope illustration o an owl and blue jay colliding with a building, a blue sky and clouds behind it

Growing up in Oregon, Taylor Kenyon can remember numerous times sitting with her family in their home in the Pacific Northwest, only to have a

a woman with gray hair and black glasses smiles at the camera. She is wearing a royal blue veterinary technician outfit.

There is a study that has become apocryphal across long-distance running communities. It tried to answer the most common question distance runners get from normal

a young woman in a denim vest and jeans rides a rust brown horse into an arena, an American flag in her right hand

USU's rodeo teams put in long hours, suffer battered bones, and love every minute of it. USU Rodeo Club’s annual Fall Stampede in September, Derek

the price river is a flash of green in an otherwise brown landscape. the river meanders through cathedrals of sandstone flanked by scrub brush.

The desert rivers of southern Utah have geologic time etched along their banks. Cathedrals of Wingate sandstone, 200 million years old, rise hundreds of feet above

a man sits in a mascot costume. He is holding the head on the seat next to him. His face is darkened by shadows. The stadium is empty.

John Mortensen ‘87 has worn at lot of hats during his 30-plus years at Utah State University. Make that a lot of hats, and at least