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Paul Conway ‘72 considers cooking an essential life skill. The Kansas farmer first learned to cook in a pinch when his wife, a nurse, returned home after 12-hour shifts and was too tired to make dinner. Through trial and error, not only did Conway learn to perfect recipes like pasta

Before he was an Aggie basketball hall of fame legend, before he played with the Seattle Supersonics, Jimmy Moore was “Shimmy”—the tenth child of a pulpwood worker and domestic servant, growing up in the tiny town of Leakesville, Mississippi. There Black men and women labored in hard, and often risky,

It is important for caregivers to check in with children and see how they are doing during the COVID-19 pandemic and to keep children informed of significant events. This means having discussions with children as the pandemic evolves. Many adults have expressed concerns over how best to approach conversations with

The pandemic has created an elevated sense of anxiety for many people. Because of this, professionals are seeing a wide variety of changes: an increase in eating disorders, an increase in over-exercising, increased sweetened beverage and added sugar consumption, weight gain, and weight loss. Compelling evidence shows that dietary habits