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Spring is coming

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a panoramic image of Old Main with snowy mountain peaks of the Wellsvilles looming behind

Towering 4,000 feet above Logan, students are constantly watched over by the Wellsville mountains.

Sedimentary rocks in the Wellsvilles settled in place more than 330 million years ago — well before even dinosaurs roamed these hills. These rocks were deposited by seas, teeming with life, that covered this part of the continent. Take a walk in those hills and you will find rocks packed with ancient corals and brachiopods. Bring a magnifying glass along and you may even discern the teeth of ancient eels whose bodies rotted long ago, but their dentition remains.

The Wellsvilles have seen all kinds of life come and go, all manner of catastrophes that ushered in the next chapter of history. They’ve pretty much seen it all. Each winter, ice shatters the rocks into ever smaller pieces. But as they stand above the valley, watching the campus and the students stressing over mid-terms, the Wellsvilles know spring is coming again.

Photo and words by Levi Sim

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