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COMMUNICATION FROM CANTWELL: Celebrating a Brighter Future

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By Elizabeth R. Cantwell

The topic of mental health and well-being is truly multifaceted, and it’s more crucial than ever to shed light on it positively. We’re living in a dynamic era where it’s understandable to feel anxious amidst the various challenges we encounter daily. Yet, amidst these challenges, there’s an opportunity for growth and resilience. 

On college campuses, where the vibrancy of student life intersects with the pressures of academia, we’ve seen a rise in mental health concerns by nearly 50% in the past decade. However, this is not a struggle exclusive to students — it affects our entire community, including faculty, staff, and alumni. At Utah State, we’re dedicated to utilizing all available resources to empower our Aggie Family and beyond to embrace resilience and take charge of their own paths to happiness and wellness.

Despite the complexities of the world around us, it’s essential to consciously cultivate moments of joy and gratitude daily. Even the smallest acts of reflection can have profound positive effects on our mental wellbeing. Through the experiences, resources, and insights shared within these pages, we aim to foster resilience and showcase the remarkable efforts being made by the Utah State University community to tackle mental health challenges head-on. Together, we can navigate these complexities and create a brighter, healthier future for all.

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