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Campus Scene: The Return of Tranquil Waters

A drone shot of USU's Tanner fountain and plaza area in the summer with green trees surrounding the tranquil water.
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USU’s Tanner Fountain is flowing once again after a year-long renovation

The Tanner Fountain and Plaza area just outside the Taggart Student Center has been a favorite campus gathering spot for more than four decades now. In May, after a year of renovations to fix leaky pipes, the area opened again — just in time for the university’s 136th commencement ceremonies.

“I consider the Tanner Fountain to be a campus landmark much like the ‘Block A’ or the sculptures, ‘Meet the Challenge’ and ‘SNAFU’ [the yellow french fries],” says Ray Cheatham, the Taggart Student Center operations director. “I am sure that a lot of people have memories associated with the fountain. We are so excited to have it operational once again and the

surrounding area open for events.”

Originally dedicated on May 31, 1980, the fountain and plaza area has been the stage for class pictures, farmers markets, pep rallies, and various other student and community events. The fountain also underwent extensive work in 2007 to update the pipes. This time, though, the updates included a complete replacement of the pump room and pump equipment.

Both the fountain and plaza were originally donated to the university by the O.C. Tanner Foundation.

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  • Richard Gardner September 20, 2023

    Yay! I began to think that fountain would never work again. I graduated from USU in 1991 and now live on the East Coast; I get back to campus about once/year. I saw the working fountain 2 months ago.